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Chip out of stock!How does the PCBA factory survive and development

May 29 , 2021

Affected by international trade competition and fluctuations in the chip industry, since the end of 2020, not only domestic chip prices have soared, but also abroad. For example: ST, ADI, TI and other well-known brand chips, without exception, doubled or even dozens of times the price, making manufacturers and many electronic product research and development companies miserable, including the PCBA factory.
The chip price fluctuations this time have a wide-ranging impact. It is a bit like the mask and mask machine market before the arrival of the new crown epidemic. Many people are anxious to hoard a lot of goods and some people make a lot of money. The fundamental reason for the skyrocketing chip prices is the occurrence of supply scarcity, coupled with the international trade competition restricting chip exports. Various reasons have superimposed on this market.
Since the impact is inevitable, how should PCBA manufacturers actively respond? First of all, calm down from the market turmoil, and carefully analyze the current customers to seize the orders in hand to do a good job, so that orders not affected by the chip market can run smoothly, and control the production risks of the enterprise. Secondly, analyze the internal operating costs of the enterprise, reduce unnecessary expenses and waste, and avoid rework of batch products. Go to develop some areas that are not affected by the chip market, and focus on expanding new customers.

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