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For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service

March 19 , 2021

Nowadays, more and more customers will give priority to whether they can provide a complete PCBA service when choosing the products they need. For the electronics industry PCBA assembly service means that manufacturers provide electronic component procurement, PCB procurement, and SMT, DIP, AI plug-in processing and PCBA testing services. Customers only need to provide complete information (Gerber files, BOM list, coordinate files, mounting files, etc.), and then customer just need to wait for received goods at home. This cooperation model is favored by more and more customers. What is the reason why it has been recognized by most customers?

First of all, with the increasing development of the Internet, more and more products are no longer limited to traditional offline sales. The sales channels of various components have already been networked, and the cost have become more transparent. Enter the model directly on the Internet, regardless of the manufacturer. , Inventory, quantity, and delivery cycle can be learned one by one, but if customers buy by themselves, they need to ask component suppliers for prices and when they can be shipped. But the product may be almost the same cost as the supplier. It will eventually waste time and cost.

Professional matters are left to professional people. Generally, customer companies rarely involve the production process. Therefore, the price trend of PCB circuit boards and components, SMT technology may not be familiar, but PCBA manufacturers are aware of these The relevant process flow is familiar. What kind of board material is used in what industry, and what kind of solder paste is used for what solder joints. PCBA processing plants are very clear. The most important point is that PCBA manufacturers have many customers, and they have great demand for purchasing components. They can get in touch with more terminal channel distributors, so as to obtain more goods, the price will definitely be lower, and the quality will be more guaranteed. This cooperation model can more effectively reduce the customer's own operating costs and procurement costs. At the same time, it will greatly shorten and reduce the risks and cycles of the supply chain, and create more powerful conditions for quickly meeting market demand and winning market development space.

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