How can the quality of the PCB be seen at a glance?

March 22 , 2022

When we get a PCB board, how do we initially determine its quality?

One: Look at the ink of the PCB.

1. A good board factory will definitely choose a big brand ink, and at the same time pay more attention to the process and baking of the printing ink, so that the gloss of the ink will be better. Many board factories with quality requirements attach great importance to the choice of color. In the eyes of the public, there is only one green ink, but in fact, this green ink can be subdivided into dozens of types. A good board factory can get the best ink after many times of running-in and experiments when selecting ink.

2. Look at the thickness of the ink. For a good pcb board, the ink thickness must be thicker. According to the IPC standard, the thickness of the ink needs to reach 20um, but we can't actually measure this thickness, but it can be seen by the naked eye.

Two: Look at the PCB silk screen text.

We mainly look at the clarity and three-dimensionality of silk screen printing. Especially the screen printing of some small fonts, the screen printing of high-quality PCB boards is very clear.

If a board factory can control these details in place, it is enough to show their emphasis on quality and strict quality management!

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