PCBA for non-contact infrared thermometer
  •  For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service Mar 19 , 2021
    Nowadays, more and more customers will give priority to whether they can provide a complete PCBA service when choosing the products they need. For the electronics industry PCBA assembly service means that manufacturers provide electronic component procurement, PCB procurement, and SMT, DIP, AI plug-in processing and PCBA testing services. Customers only need to provide complete information (Gerber...
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  • What is the gold finger in PCB What is the gold finger in PCB Mar 27 , 2021
    The gold finger of PCB is mainly used for computer hardware such as: (between the memory stick and the memory slot and the graphics card slot, etc.). All signals are transmitted through the golden fingers in the PCB. This type of design requires high wear resistance and conductivity on the surface of the pad. Its arrangement is similar to a finger, so it is called "golden finger". The fu...
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  • What is ICT and FCT in PCB assembly test What is ICT and FCT in PCB assembly test Apr 08 , 2021
    Before the PCB assembly product is delivered to the customer, it must be rigorously tested. PCB assembly testing is the key to ensuring the quality of shipments. Customers will provide a test plan for us,there are including test points, procedures and test steps. In PCB assembly testing, FCT functional testing and ICT electrical component testing are th...
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  • What is the difference between PCBA wave soldering and manual soldering What is the difference between PCBA wave soldering and manual soldering Apr 24 , 2021
    Welding is an important process in PCBA processing. If we do not grasp it well, short circuit and other faults will occur during our testing. If it is serious, it will directly affect the life of the product. Therefore, no matter what welding technology we use, we should ensure that it is satisfied. The basic requirements of PCBA welding can ensure a good welding result. PCBA soldering is divided ...
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  • PCBA DIP Production Process Introduction PCBA DIP Production Process Introduction Apr 29 , 2021
    DIP plug-in processing link The process flow of DIP plug-in processing can generally be divided into: component forming processing → plug-in → wave soldering → component cutting foot → repair welding (post welding) → washing board → function test DIP production management personnel collect materials from the material manager in the DIP warehouse according to the BOM material list, carefully check ...
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  • How does reduce tin beads in SMT production Apr 30 , 2021
    After reflow soldering processes, QC often found that tin beads remain on the PCBA surface. It will bring some hidden danger, maybe the tin beads are going to move underenvironmental factors, if move to chips or the pin&...
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  • Printed Circuit Boards Manufacture May 29 , 2021
    PCB are customized products. They can be designed and manufactured according to various flexibility, size and configuration to adapt to different electronic products. Whether it is a simple single-layer rigid circuit board, or a highly complex multilayer flexible circuit board or rigid flexible printed circuit board. PCB design is a kind of special software called CAD(Auto desk Computer Aided...
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  • What is rigid flexible PCB? Jun 07 , 2021
    Rigid flexible printed circuit board is a hybrid circuit board design that integrates elements of hard PCB and flexible PCB circuits. Rigid flexible printed circuit boards are rigid at certain points on the circuit board and flexible at other points. Therefore, the flexible part of the PCB circuit can be folded or continuously bent, but the shape of the area for additional support needs to be...
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