PCBA for non-contact infrared thermometer
  • 5G Market Prospects Jul 02 , 2020
    With the upgrading of communication technology, upgrading from 4G to 5G, 5G related core antenna/radio frequency equipment. The demand for 5G antenna modules is increasing. The speed, integration, heat dissipation, frequency, and multi-layering of 5G have far surpassed that of 4G. The speed of 5G not only improves the wireless data transmission between devices, but also strengthens the development...
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  •  For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service Mar 19 , 2021
    Nowadays, more and more customers will give priority to whether they can provide a complete PCBA service when choosing the products they need. For the electronics industry PCBA assembly service means that manufacturers provide electronic component procurement, PCB procurement, and SMT, DIP, AI plug-in processing and PCBA testing services. Customers only need to provide complete information (Gerber...
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  • PCBA SMT Production Process Introduction PCBA SMT Production Process Introduction Apr 01 , 2021
    PCBA SMT flow chart: According to the customer's Gerber file and BOM list, make the SMT production process file, generate the SMT coordinate file, the manager responsible for this SMT production line, take the BOM material list to the SMT warehouse to pick up the material from the material manager, and carefully check the material model and specification , Sign after confirming that it is cor...
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  • What is the difference between PCBA wave soldering and manual soldering What is the difference between PCBA wave soldering and manual soldering Apr 24 , 2021
    Welding is an important process in PCBA processing. If we do not grasp it well, short circuit and other faults will occur during our testing. If it is serious, it will directly affect the life of the product. Therefore, no matter what welding technology we use, we should ensure that it is satisfied. The basic requirements of PCBA welding can ensure a good welding result. PCBA soldering is divided ...
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  • PCBA DIP Production Process Introduction PCBA DIP Production Process Introduction Apr 29 , 2021
    DIP plug-in processing link The process flow of DIP plug-in processing can generally be divided into: component forming processing → plug-in → wave soldering → component cutting foot → repair welding (post welding) → washing board → function test DIP production management personnel collect materials from the material manager in the DIP warehouse according to the BOM material list, carefully check ...
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  • How does reduce tin beads in SMT production Apr 30 , 2021
    After reflow soldering processes, QC often found that tin beads remain on the PCBA surface. It will bring some hidden danger, maybe the tin beads are going to move underenvironmental factors, if move to chips or the pin&...
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  • What is the test principle of PCB and PCBA May 15 , 2021
    PCBA , it is after put the components on PCB,also can say that PCB plus assembly of electronic components process. However, each PCBA part needs to undergo PCB testing and PCBA testing to verify the functions of the circuit board, verify whether the PCB and PCBA meet the design requirements, and ensure that each product does not have quality problems. The test principle of PCB:...
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  • Chip out of stock!How does the PCBA factory survive and development May 29 , 2021
    Affected by international trade competition and fluctuations in the chip industry, since the end of 2020, not only domestic chip prices have soared, but also abroad. For example: ST, ADI, TI and other well-known brand chips, without exception, doubled or even dozens of times the price, making manufacturers and many electronic product research and development companies miserable, including the PCBA...
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