PCBA for non-contact infrared thermometer

PCBA SMT Production Process Introduction

April 01 , 2021

PCBA SMT flow chart:

According to the customer's Gerber file and BOM list, make the SMT production process file, generate the SMT coordinate file, the manager responsible for this SMT production line, take the BOM material list to the SMT warehouse to pick up the material from the material manager, and carefully check the material model and specification , Sign after confirming that it is correct, and confirm to PMC that the SMT has been programmed in the correct program, and then take out the solder paste to thaw, and the solder paste needs to be stirred before it can be used. Place the stirred solder paste on the stencil, and use a squeegee to print the solder paste onto the PCB pads. After completion, the SMT operator checks the printing effect to ensure that the solder paste after printing is uniform, good in thickness, and consistent. The PCB with solder paste passes through the SMT placement machine, and the components will be mounted on the PCB pads. We need to check the first PCB board to ensure that the mounting is correct. After the mounted PCB board is reflow soldered, the paste-like solder paste is heated to liquid through the high temperature inside, and finally cooled and solidified to complete the soldering.

The QC department will use AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection), to detect the welding effect of PCBA through scanning. If there is a defective component, we need to adjust the placement machine and analyze the cause of the detected defective PCBA until the problem is solved . Before making batches, we will make the first sample for customer confirmation or compare with the customer's original sample, and receive the customer's first sample confirmation or confirmation that it is consistent with the customer's original sample.

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