PCBA for non-contact infrared thermometer

Printed Circuit Boards Manufacture

May 29 , 2021

PCB are customized products. They can be designed and manufactured according to various flexibility, size and configuration to adapt to different electronic products. Whether it is a simple single-layer rigid circuit board, or a highly complex multilayer flexible circuit board or rigid flexible printed circuit board. PCB design is a kind of special software called CAD(Auto desk Computer Aided Design). Designers use the software to place all circuits and connection points on the entire circuit board, called vias. How they need to be soldered to the printed circuit board. When the designer completes the circuit board design, he will get a file called a Gerber file, which is an electronic draft that shows each circuit in the PCB and its exact location on each layer. The Gerber file will also contain a drilling file, which tells us where to drill to achieve all the via connections we discussed earlier.

All PCB designers, whether it is rigid PCB, flexible PCB or rigid flexible PCB, use these documents to communicate with PCB manufacturers, to be precise, how customers want to build their circuit boards. This depends on the product requirements of the customer's project, and this information is very important to the circuit board manufacturer. These are not in the Gerber file. For example: what material we will use to manufacture the circuit board, any special manufacturing instructions or specifications we need to meet, and other information, such as: what color solder mask and characters customers want, we can customize the circuit board according to the information provided by the customer , Fully meet customer requirements.

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