• PCBA SMT Production Process Introduction PCBA SMT Production Process Introduction Apr 01 , 2021
    PCBA SMT flow chart: According to the customer's Gerber file and BOM list, make the SMT production process file, generate the SMT coordinate file, the manager responsible for this SMT production line, take the BOM material list to the SMT warehouse to pick up the material from the material manager, and carefully check the material model and specification , Sign after confirming that it is cor...
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  • How to solve the problem of two or more solder joints are connected by tin in SMT May 07 , 2021
    Product quality has become the lifeblood of business survival. In the SMT assembly line, after the PCB passes through the placement machine, it is about to face the heating and soldering forming of reflow soldering. Generally, after reflow soldering, AOI testing is required. If the IC is not well controlled, there will usually be undesirable conditions such as two or more solder joints are co...
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  • How to prevent static electricity during SMT processing How to prevent static electricity during SMT processing May 21 , 2021
    As we all know, during the patch processing of the components on the PCB, the static electricity generated from various aspects can change the characteristics of the components, causing the components to experience unstable performance or even damage.This is a problem caused by not taking correct anti-static measures. In order to avoid this problem, anti-static needs to make the following points: ...
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  • PCBA product development process Jul 01 , 2021
    First of all, we need to know what kind of functions our electronic devices want to achieve, and it is important to determine whether the components can meet the requirements of electronic devices. If the electronic equipment components meet the functional requirements, engineers need to evaluate from the aspects of functional requirements, performance requirements, technical support, cost evaluat...
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  • Where is AOI mainly used for Jul 12 , 2021
    With more and more advanced electronic equipment, the wiring on the PCB (printed circuit board) has become finer, the components have become smaller and the high density of assembly has also been improved. Now the visual inspection does not meet the requirements of SMT assembly quality inspection. Therefore, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection Electronic Equipment), as a key method for detecting the...
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