What are the IPC criteria?

November 19 , 2021

IPC stands for "Printed Circuit Research Institute" and belongs to the electronic interconnection industry. IPC officially provides PCB-related standards and is now also known as the association of the connected electronics industry. IPC is an international industry composed of more than 4000 companies, involving the use, designation and design of printed circuit boards and components, including advanced microelectronics, military applications, aerospace, automotive industry, computers, industrial and medical equipment, telecommunications Wait.

IPC standards involve PCB design, production technology, electronic assembly, etc. To achieve high reliability, high quality, high performance and meet user needs. PCB manufacturing industry standard IPC-a-610. Divided into three categories:

The first category: general electronic products. Category 1 has the least stringent manufacturing requirements. It is suitable for inexpensive applications where long product life and low assembly costs are not expected. An example of this is toys or other low-level consumer goods.

The second category: special service electronic products. The second category has more stringent manufacturing requirements, including most industrial products and consumer appliances. It is suitable for electronic components with the goal of improving reliability.

The third category is: high-performance electronic products. Level three has the most stringent manufacturing requirements among the three levels. It is suitable for key performance products such as military, aerospace and automotive applications. It is also suitable for occasions where the PCB working environment is particularly harsh. This standard requires everything to be perfect, including appearance. However, this level of sophistication requires higher costs to ensure that all requirements are met.

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