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What is the difference between PCBA wave soldering and manual soldering

April 24 , 2021

Welding is an important process in PCBA processing. If we do not grasp it well, short circuit and other faults will occur during our testing. If it is serious, it will directly affect the life of the product. Therefore, no matter what welding technology we use, we should ensure that it is satisfied. The basic requirements of PCBA welding can ensure a good welding result.

PCBA soldering is divided into one type is wave soldering, and the other is manual soldering. Wave soldering is to melt liquid solder with the help of a pump. Then the electronic components to be soldered are inserted on the PCB board, and the soldering surface of the plug-in PCBA circuit board is directly contacted with the high-temperature liquid tin through wave soldering to achieve the purpose of soldering, and the electrical interconnection between the electronic components and the PCB board is realized.

For manual soldering, we must control the temperature of the soldering iron. We need to ensure that the soldering iron does not scald the plastic insulation layer of the surrounding wires and the surface of the components, especially for products with compact and complex shapes, the amount of tin and flux during soldering. It should be appropriate. Too much solder and too much flux will pollute and corrode the PCBA, and too little will not work. This may cause short circuits in the PCBA test and other phenomena.

From the point of view of soldering quality, selective wave soldering is definitely better than manual soldering. Manual soldering is all controlled by humans. It is necessary to pay great attention when soldering. It is easy to damage the printed circuit board and cause the pad to fall off, which is difficult to meet the high-quality requirements.

Welding efficiency Manual soldering iron welding requires many people to use point-to-point soldering on the PCB. Selective wave soldering uses an assembly-line industrial batch production mode. Wave soldering is suitable for mass production and can speed up work efficiency. Manual welding is suitable for samples, which can effectively save start-up costs.

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