Bluetooth Earphone Module PCB Assembly

4 Layers Wireless Touch Earphone With Bluetooth Module Circuit Board Assembly

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    Bluetooth Earphone PCBA
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Bluetooth Earphone Module PCB Assembly

The core of the Bluetooth headset is the radio frequency and baseband processing. In order to adapt to the integration of functions and the miniaturization of design, this Bluetooth headset PCBA uses Broadcom's BCM4375 chip, which integrates radio frequency and baseband digital circuits in a single chip, including 2.4GHz wireless and baseband digital circuit units, and the data transmission rate can be Up to 1.2Gps, the maximum delay is about 15ms, and the current is about 2.5mA. In addition, a 4-layer board design is used in the PCBA layout design, and the signal lines are routed in layers to ensure high sound quality and high-quality call noise reduction. Its audio decoder supports 24bit 96KHz sampling rate decoding, with multi-stage EQ adjustment; supports noise reduction and echo cancellation functions, and also supports wind noise reduction algorithms, which can make voice calls clearer. Improve the sound quality at the audio input terminal, effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference between the circuits in the circuit board at a lower cost, and meet the market demand with the characteristics of high performance, low cost and low power consumption. It is a highly integrated and expandable Bluetooth headset Ideal choice.

The Bluetooth headset PCBA solution has the following advantages:

1. Low power consumption independent radio frequency, strong Bluetooth performance

2. Built-in DSP supports a variety of sound effects processing and effective noise reduction

3. Embedded power management module, effectively reducing power consumption

4. High-quality Bluetooth module, strong stability

5. Built-in capacitive touch controller, high integration, few peripheral components

Q: Do you have ISO90001 certificate?
A: Sure, we do.

Q: Do you have design Bluetooth earphone PCBA services?
A: Yes,we do. Our designers will help you design Bluetooth earphone PCBA according to your requirements.

Q: How do you quality control for Bluetooth earphone PCB?

A: Xianglong(Shenzhen) electronic technology company's quality control:
1) Strict clients PCB requirements complying and modification approval procedures.
2) FIFO and efficient incoming materials inspection.
3) Regular vendors audit and performance analysis.
4) Specs tag along with boards during production.
5) 100% AOI and E-test.
6) Inspections including high voltage, impedance control, soldering ability, thermal& shocking test, insulating resistance and ionic cleanliness testing.
7) Micro-section analysis and testing report.
8) RMA and refund policy.

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