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Bluetooth Microphone Circuit Board Assembly

2 layers PCB LED Wireless Capacitance Microphone Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturers
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Bluetooth Microphone Circuit Board Assembly

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2 layers



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2 weeks

This condenser microphone uses a 3722TX sensor. When two extremely thin metal films are vibrated by sound pressure, they change the capacitance on the capacitor metal film, thereby generating current, and the sound signal is directly converted into an electrical signal. It needs polarization pressure to be used. We choose to use 48V phantom power to supply power to the amplifier. After the amplifier is amplified multiple times, the electrical signal is converted into a sound signal for output. This kind of condenser microphone has high sensitivity (-36-50dB), high directivity, signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 66dB, will not affect the material due to the high temperature of the tin furnace, SMT can be mass-produced, and the product has good stability. Applicable occasions: Film and television recording studios and recording studios (quiet spaces), suitable for crowds, professional singers, people who record songs/audio books in high sound quality, and reproduce the original sound. Some people who have a thicker and deep voice are very suitable, which can balance your tone.


1. Light weight, small size, fast response characteristics, extremely light and thin metal material vibrating membrane, the vibrating membrane does not have any load,

2. Wide frequency response, high sensitivity (ultra-low frequency below 10Hz, treble 10KHz, human ear audible frequency response range is 20Hz20kHz), the vibrating membrane is made of extremely light and thin metal material film,

3. The product has good stability and can be mass-produced by SMT;


1. The structure is complex, the cost is more expensive than the moving coil, and it needs power supply to work.

2. The sound film is fragile, easy to be damp and afraid of falling, and difficult to store. The precious ones are stored in a vacuum moisture-proof box.

Q: What is your advandage than other supplier ?
A: 1.Located in Mid-China causing low labor cost.
2.Traditional production and auto production offers us flexible price system, which can satisfy both big customers and medium-size customers.
3.We have IPC, IPQC, FQC controlling quality in the factory, ensuring our products meet IPC Class 2.

Q: How about your supply capacity for Microphone PCBA?
A: Our supply capacity is around 2000sqm to 6000sqm each day. The min size we can process is 3*3mm, and the max size is 500*1500mm.

Q: What 's the lead time for the order of the Microphone PCBA?

A:  Normally,it will take 3 to 15 working days.If you need urgent, please contact our sales manager.

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