Flexible PCB Power Connector Between Layers

The development of flexible PCB connectors also changes with the changes in electronic equipment. With the trend of small pitch, multiple pins, small size, high integration, and multiple contacts, flexible PCB connectors must be designed from appearance to product performance and quality.

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Flexible PCB Power Connector Between Layers

In the manufacturing process flexible PCB connectors, testing is an important part. First of all, it is necessary to confirm the firmness of the structure and the qualification of quality in appearance, and test the reliability of its connection, environmental resistance, life length, etc. in performance. flexible PCB can use terminal connection mode for line connection, and a single flexible PCB can use layout mode to configure many hard boards and connect them. This approach reduces connector and terminal interference, which can improve signal quality and product reliability. The small size of FPC connectors can effectively reduce the size of the product and make it easy to carry. There are some things to pay attention to when using FPC connectors, which can effectively avoid risks and prolong the service life. The application of high-current shrapnel micro-needle modules in FPC connector testing can improve efficiency and ensure the yield rate of female socket testing. It has a long service life, can save costs and improve efficiency for FPC connector testing.


Q: What are your terms of payment?

A: Wire Transfer(T/T), Western Union, Letter of Credit(L/C), PayPal, Ali Pay, Transfer in WeChat and Credit Card,  etc.

Q: How can I flexible PCB connector order from you?

A: Firstly, agreement is achieved on the product price and product specifications.We make proforma invoice for your confirmation.
    Secondly,When you agree on the proforma invoice, you make the payment. Send us bank slip.
    Finally, our finance received the payment. Will arrange production for you.

Q: When can I get flexible PCB samples?

A: 1-3 working days after all documents are confirmed.

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