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Non-Contact Thermometer PCBA

It can sense the heat of human body, through the LCD screen display the temperature data, provide us with heat feedback (it does not radiate to the brain).
Working process of IR thermometer(Sensor model: MLX90614): 
The infrared sensor senses the heat, and after obtaining the data, it is amplified by an amplifier and calculated by the program, the electrical signal is converted into a digital signal and displayed on the LCD screen.


Non-contact temperature measurement

For example, to measure the temperatures from baby, babies are always active. It is difficult to measure accurate temperatures quickly from baby when you use the mercury thermometer. When they are asleep, if you use the mercury thermometer, it may destroy their dreams, and then they will cry loudly.
And infrared thermometer solution can solve this problems well. Just aim infrared thermometer at the baby’s forehead or body, and you can quickly read the baby’s temperature on the LCD display in 1 second.

For instance, during the COVID-19 virus epidemic, the virus will cause the body temperature of the carrier or the infected person to increase abnormally. It will be infected by contact. If you want to quickly and safely measure the body temperature for further judgment, I think this plan is also very suitable.

NO best accurate thermometer plan, only a suitable thermometer plan.
If you use this infrared thermometer plan, please pay attention to following items during use:

1.    When you measure the temperature, need to determine whether to use body mode or forehead mode;

2.    Distance of measure, 5-8 cm, over or less than this distance , the measured temperature is not accurate;

If you want to know more about infrared thermometer PCB/PCBA plan welcome to inquiry us anytime!

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thermometer pcb electronic manufacturing assembly


Q: How can I get the PCB assembly quotation?

A: Pleaes provide us gerber files and BOM list. We also have available non contact infrared thermometer PCBA samples. If you don't have these, please let me know your idea, we can help you develop it.

Q: Do you provide CKD /SKD of infrared thermometer?

A: Sure, we can provide infrared thermometer CKD and SKD.

Q: How do I assembly CKD/SKD of infrared thermometer into finished products?

A: We have operating instructions and teaching videos.

Q: How long is the warranty for CKD/SKD of infrared thermometer?

A: 6 months.

Q: How about CKD/SKD of infrared thermometer after sales services?

A: During the warranty period, we can return and replace the goods, which is not caused by man-made damage.

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