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Jan 19, 2022

With the publicity of the Internet, the hazards of fried food have penetrated into human resources, such as trans fatty acids, leavening agents and pigments, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver, inhibition of infant growth and development, carcinogens, etc. seriously affect human health.

Then there is a product called an air fryer, which uses high-speed air circulation technology to make 80% more delicious French fries than traditional electric fryers! The unique combination of circulating hot air and oven components allows you to fry a variety of delicious foods, snacks, seafood and more quickly and easily. Because frying only uses air, it produces less odor and steam than traditional frying, and is easy to clean for everyday use, safe and economical! What are the benefits of this product?

1. Less oil

The air fryer uses the principle of high-speed circulation of air to turn the air into "oil", quickly heats the crispy food, and makes delicious food similar to frying. Foods like meat, seafood, and marinated fries make great tasting, delicious meals without the need for oil. If the food itself does not contain oil, such as fresh vegetables and French fries, add a tablespoon of oil for a traditional frying flavor.

2. The air fryer is easy to clean.

Allow the air fryer to cool down before cleaning it. Removable drawer food basket and fryer with non-stick coating. Do not use metal cookware or cleaning tools to avoid damaging the air fryer's non-stick coating.

3. The air fryer does not need oil to fry food like traditional fried food, the oil of the food itself will fall into the fryer, which can reduce the oil by up to 80%. The less you eat, the healthier your body will be.

4. The air fryer has a thermostat of up to 200 degrees. It is necessary to set the time to avoid the situation that traditional frying can cause the food to scorch or even catch fire due to the high temperature of the oil.

5. The air fryer does not need to wait for a long time when cooking food, and different time can be set according to different food. You don't have to watch it all the time, it will automatically remind you at a certain time.

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