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PC Mouse Designed PCB Printed Circuit With PCB Assembly

1.6mm 4-layer Bluetooth wireless dual-mode mouse PCB and PCB assembly with USB receiver Support the charging

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PC Mouse Designed PCB Printed Circuit With PCBA Assembly

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4 layers



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Proofing times

2 weeks

Mouse-001 is a 4-layer board with Type-C interface. This light sensor is composed of ADNS-2051 optical engine (some people call it camera, a bit like a camera) and the main control chip CY7C64215. The mouse left and right button micro-movement model is D2FC- G-7S. Power on the optical mouse PCB, the light-emitting diode (light source) will be on, the light source passes through the lens, and a part of the light reflected back from the bottom surface passes through a set of optical lenses, and is collected by the CMOS photosensitive block, received (and formed an image), and moved The optical mouse PCB forms a frame of images on the CMOS photosensitive block at the same time, and its moving track will be recorded as a set of continuous images taken at high speed. The DSP will calculate and compare the movement trajectory, and by analyzing the changes in the position of the feature points on these images, it can determine the movement direction and movement distance of the mouse, thereby completing the positioning of the cursor.

We all know the impact of DPI on mouse positioning. This solution uses the 2D motion sensor ADNS-2051, the scanning accuracy can reach 800dpi, the programmable frame rate is up to 2300 frames per second, 3.3V power supply, and 20-pin DIP Package.

This optical mouse uses a low-power architecture, automatically adjusts the power saving mode, can perform high-speed motion detection, and has an internal oscillator.

Most optical mice are similar in principle and structure, but the different components used lead to different costs.


Q:What file you need to prepare if you want to get an mouse & keyboard quotation from us?

A: For PCB,gerber files. For PCBA,Gerber files and BOM list.(Gerber files format RS-274X,ODB++, DXF, PCB, PCBDOC etc. BOM list format: txt,doc etc.) For real sample and 3D model files.

Q:Do you have any MOQ Limited ?


Q:How to keep mouse & keyboard information and design file secret ?

A4:We will sign a NDA effect by customers side local law and promising tokeep customers data in high confidential level.

Q:How long does it take for mouse & keyboard PCB and PCBA Quote ?

A:In general, PCB quotation within 2hours,PCBA within 6hours.

     For special or complex, 3-7 working days.

Q:How about mouse & keyboard the delivery time?

A:Normally, for sample order 5 days.For small batch order 7 days.

Q:How can we guarantee you receive good quality mouse & keyboard?

A:For PCB, we will use Flying Probe Test, E-test etc for it.

     For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test.Before that, our inspectors will use microscope and X-ray to check the IC footwelding or bad solder etc.


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