What we have

There are 2 AI production lines in out factory, which can save 2%of the cost.

Component suppliers have worked with us for 5 years, saving customers' time& Material costs and guarantee genuine.

Reasonable cost, not cut corners and will give customers a slice report before shipment.

Production capacity of 1200000 points/month.

What we do 


According to customer's requirements and some files, do PCB assembly design.


According to customer's Gerber files and BOM list, do PCB assembly sample.


According to the customer's PCBA product, the packaging is customized to protect the product from being damaged during transportation.


According to customer's requirements and some files, do PCB assembly design.


We can help customers do functional tests.


According to customer's requirements and some files, do PCB assembly design.

PCB Assembly capabilities
AI Workshop Daily production capacity (Calculated by point, 22hours/day) 
AI machine A(Vertical) 300,000 points/day
AI machine B(Vertical) 300,000 points/day
AI machine C(Vertical) 260,000 points/day
AI machine D(Vertical) 260,000 points/day
AI machine E(Vertical) 200,000 points/day
AI machine F(Vertical) 200,000 points/day
AI machine A(Horizontal) 200,000 points/day
AI machine B(Horizontal) 200,000 points/day
AI machine C(Horizontal) 160,000 points/day
AI machine D(Horizontal) 160,000 points/day
AI machine E(Horizontal) 160,000 points/day
Intotal 1.52 million/day (Vertical), 1.08 million/day (Horizontal)
SMT Workshop Daily production capacity (Calculated by point, 22hours/day) 
SMT Line A 1.1 million points/day
SMT Line B 1.1 million points/day
SMT Line C 600,000 points/day
SMT Line D 300,000 points/day
Intotal 3.1 million/day
DIP Workshop Daily production capacity (Calculated by point, 22hours/day) 
DIP Line A 600,000 points/day
DIP Line B 600,000 points/day
Intotal 1.2 million/day
PCB Assembly Workshop Daily production capacity (Calculated by point, 22hours/day) 
PCB Assembly Line A 10,000 points/day
PCB Assembly Line B 8,000 points/day
Intotal 18,000 points/day
Size of PCB  50(L)x50(W) mm ~ 610 (L)x460(W) mm

Customrer Instructions


BOM list (Must provide)

details, accurate BOM list, if there any updated, need to remark on BOM list.

Gerber files (Must provide)

If you need to open an imposition stencil, please provide imposition documents.

Component's location labeling picture, coordinate file.

PCB files:

If the customer fails to export the coordinate files. laceration labeling picture, Gerber files, the PCB file can also be provided. 

PCBA sample

For production reference, if you can provide. that would be great!


In order to ensure the quality of customers' products, our company does not accept foreign steel meshes for the time being:

Steel mesh cost at least 200 rmb, need make imposition steel mesh, please provide imposition documents, and the cost will be recalculated.

Steel mesh default size 37*47cm, other size needs to recalculate.

lf you need us delivery the steel mesh to you. please tell us when you order (we will remark on order), lf there is no special statement, it is deemed that the steel mesh does not need to be returned:

The customer's steel mesh is only kept for 3 months, and we will handle it by ourselves after 3 months.


The customer prepares the materials, and for the easy-to-wear materials (Sample: 2% of the spare parts are required to provide 20 samples for the resistance-capacitance parts.) A small amount of spare parts are required.

If a small amount of materials are not available welding is not necessary for the time being, please list the details:

There are special requirements and precautions. please explain in advance

Temporarily not accept external steel mesh, send components or samples do not accept payment on delivery.

Procurement of resistance-capacity parts complete models (package, accuracy, volts,

etc.) if the customer wants to specify the brand a special statement must be made.


1.Are you manufacturer or trader?

We are manufacturer.

2.If I want to design a PCBA sample, what do I need to provide?
       Schematic diagram, shell design/structure diagram and functions


3.What is the PCB with component sample design cycle and cost?
       If the information is complete, 1 week.

4.How long does it take to quote PCBA?
       Common PCBA, 3 working days, special PCBA, depending on the specific situation.

5.What do I needs to provide for PCB with component manufacturing, and how long is the production cycle?

Gerber and BOM list,It depends on whether the order quantity and process are complicated. We will give you d after evaluation by PMC.

6.If I don't have Gerber file and BOM list, what should I do?
       You can provide us with 2 real samples. Or communicate with our sales manager, our sales manager will pull you into a group of one-on-one engineers for discussion and exchange.

7.Can you do DIP(dual in-line package)?
       We can not only do DIP, but also SOP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc


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If you need to send file or forms, please contact us by email info@xlpcba.com directly.