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What we do 


According to customer's requirements and some files, do PCB design.


You can apply for free samples from us.


Simple PCB sample within 1 days,the complexity depends on the specific situation.


Most of our brand production machines are Imported from Germany and Japan.

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities
Item Batch Sample
Number of layers
1-32L 50L
Maximum board thickness
10mm (394mil) 14mm (551mil)
Minimum line distance Inner layer 2.2mil/2.2mil 2.0mil/2.0mil
Outer layer 2.5/2.5mil 2.2/2.2mil
Alignment ability Alignment with the same core board ±25um
Inter-level alignment ±5mil
Maximum copper thickness
6Oz 30Oz
Drilling size Mechanical drilling ≥0.15mm (6mil) ≥0.1mm (4mil)
Laser drilling 0.1mm (4mil) 0.050mm (2mil)

Customrer Instructions

Process requirements:

The thickness of board: 0.2mm,0.4mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,

1.6mm,2.0mm etc. (choose one)


Fr-4, aluminum plate, copper plate, high frequency pcb , cam-1 etc. (choose one)

Solder mask:

deep green、light green、blue , white、red、black etc. (choose one)

The thickness of copper:

1oz=35um、1.5oz=55um、 2oz=70um etc. (choose one)

Surface treatment:

HASL, ENIG、Electroplated gold、Electroplated nickel、OSP(choose one)

Remark: the quantities of the PCB need to provide(required)

Files format:

What production files we can accept:

DXP, Protel99, PADS, CAM or Gerber files


1.Are you manufacturer or trader?

We are a PCB manufacturer with 10 years of experience.  

2.If I want to design a PCB sample, what do I need to provide?
     Schematic or circuit diagram or related design drawings.

3.How much is the PCB sample design cycle and cost?

 Simple PCB (1-4 layers) design, 1-3 working days, expedited within 1 day, complex PCB (4 or more layers) design, 5-7 working days, 

  you can ask our business manager for the specific costYou can also grab the quota to apply for free samples every month;

4.How long does it take for PCB quotation?
      Normal PCB, 1 working day, special PCB, 3 working days.

5.What do I needs to provided for PCB manufacturing, and how long is the production cycle?
What do I needs to provided for PCB manufacturing, and how long is the sample of the production time?
      Gerber files. Production time: For simple sample, 1 working days. For complex sample, 5-7 working days. For special one, after evaluation by our engineers, we will give you all plan.

6.What do you do if I dont have Gerber files?
      You may provide samples to us. Or communicate with our sales manager, our sales manager will pull you into a group of one-on-one engineers for discussion and exchange.

7.Can you do gold finger crafts?
      We can not only do golden fingers, but also HDI, combination of software and hardware, etc.                                                      

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If you need to send file or forms, please contact us by email info@xlpcba.com directly.