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Printed Circuit Boards For Ovens

The printed circuit board is used to control the electrical equipment in the oven, usually divided into three control (timing, temperature regulation, power regulation), temperature control timing type and ordinary simple type, it includes cooling fan, thermostat and components to ensure stable cooking temperature and other components. It is temperature controlled by silicon. There are temperature single control and temperature and time dual control. Let's introduce this oven pcba.

It is composed of two parts: the main board and the power board. The main board generally has control chips, keys, panel controls and other components. This oven PCBA also uses components such as resistors and capacitors. The electronic components on the power board include resistors, capacitors, diodes, voltage regulators, transistors and so on. The resistance here is that when the current passes through the resistance, all (or part) of the electrical energy will be converted into internal energy. The oven PCBA used to convert electrical energy into internal energy is used. At present, switching power supplies and series regulated power supplies are commonly used. Since the power supply operating range of each chip in the design is very wide, the requirements for the stability and ripple factor of the power supply are not very high. Considering the cost, a series regulated power supply with simple structure and good performance is adopted in the design. The circuit adopts the classic working ideas of voltage transformation, rectification, filtering and voltage regulation, and adds two grounding capacitors at the output end, which effectively reduces the harmonic components of the output signal and improves the stability of the power supply. In the signal conditioning circuit, an amplifier circuit based on an operational amplifier is used, the core of which is a proportional operational amplifier circuit, and three-stage amplification is used to ensure the detection and processing of small signals. Single-chip microcomputer is a kind of single-chip microcomputer with high cost performance, which is often used in the control of household appliances. Its timeliness and control ability meet the requirements of home appliance control. The VFD display requires a large current, so a transistor-based driving scheme is used to ensure the brightness and other effects of the VFD display. The alarm module is realized by the DC buzzer. At the same time, the circuit is controlled by multiple relays, which has a strong external control function.

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