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The Computer Motherboard PCB Assemble

Jun 05, 2020

How do we assemble the computer motherboard PCB?

Put the produced PCB on the SMT automated production line, put a steel mesh on the automatic paste brushing machine, after the automatic paste brushing machine, it will brush a layer of solder paste on the corresponding position of the computer motherboard PCB, high-speed machine (similar to Intelligent robot) Assemble rice-sized capacitors and resistors on the computer motherboard PCB. The general-purpose machine attaches IO sound card chips, network card chips, power management chips, south bridge, north bridge chips, field effect transistors and other components to the PCB, although it is There are robots, but there will still be skilled operators operating and checking on the line. QC strictly supervises and checks the quality in accordance with the ISO9001 standard to ensure that the components will not be installed incorrectly or missed or installed incorrectly, and flow into the reflow furnace. This process will solder all the previously attached components. After that, it will be inspected by automatic optical inspection machine (AOI) and ICT, mainly for appearance inspection. Whether the stickers are reversed or crooked, the pictures taken are checked against the database to ensure that each component is completely correct. Whether the circuit function is normal. The inspected qualified products will be sent to the DIP production workshop. The DIP production line is filled with fixtures. This is used to fix the computer motherboard PCBA. Skilled operators will install relatively large memory slots, PCI slots, and AGPs on it. Slots, various interfaces, audio connectors and other components, after completion, perform ICT testing (can the motherboard be lit, whether the function is normal), we also call FQC testing, if it is a qualified product, it can be packed in an anti-static bag. Packaging standard: the keyboard and mouse interface is facing right, and the sealing is to the welding surface. Put it in the box together with the accessories, and the box will be pulled to the warehouse. If it fails, it will be repaired or scrapped directly.

Please give us the authorization letter before signing the PCBA contract for manufacturing computer motherboards. We will strictly follow the quality requirements and manufacturing standards specified in the contract to manufacture and deliver on time.

If you want to know more about the PCB manufacturing and assembly services provided by Xianglong (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for computer motherboard PCBA and computer peripheral products, please call +86 0755 2322 6243 EXT 801. You can also email your specifications to info@xlpcba.com

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