UV Disinfection Box Circuit Board Assembly

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UV Disinfection Box Circuit Board Assembly

The ultraviolet sterilization box is composed of ultraviolet lamps, the protective frame of the ultraviolet lamp, the drive system, the timer, the power switch, and the related circuit components of the ultraviolet lamp. The UVC band 260nm-280nm ultraviolet rays are used to quickly sterilize and disinfect personal items such as mobile phones and masks. . This ultraviolet sterilization box PCBA has a built-in HEX9267 Hall switch sensor. The internal circuit includes a Hall sheet, a voltage regulator module, a signal amplification processing module, a dynamic offset elimination module, a latch module, and a CMOS output stage. This Hall switch sensor uses advanced chopper stabilization technology to provide a tightly stable magnetic switch point. The Hall switch sensor outputs low level when there is magnetism, and high level when there is no magnetism. Through the built-in Hall switch sensor, the ultraviolet lamp of the sterilization box can be opened and closed, and the box cover can be automatically sterilized, that is, two different signals are output, which improves the convenience and safety of use. This kind of sensor can optimize the circuit structure and make the product obtain extremely low input error feedback. At the same time, this UV sterilization box PCBA custom encapsulated LED lamp beads can quickly and efficiently destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms through strong ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria, making the product more highly performance and market advantages.


The following are the advantages of this UV sterilization box PCBA solution:

1. Three-digit digital tube displays the sterilization time

2. Built-in Hall switch sensor, automatically extinguish the ultraviolet lamp when the cover is opened

3. Custom brand encapsulated UVC lamp beads, good luminous efficiency, good durability, short sterilization time, and good sterilization effect

4. Good temperature stability

5. Low power consumption and high sensitivity

6. Low switch drift

7. UVC LED green disinfection, environmental protection and pollution-free

8. Support one-key disinfection, and the disinfection time can be customized

Q: What is your production capacity of network router PCB board assembly for a month?

A: 30000 sets for a month.

Q: Can you design the router with 2 sim card slot?

A: Sure, we can hlep you add 1 more sim card slot on design. It can to improve the speed and reliability of the 5G WAN connection.

Q: How long can I get the network router PCB board assembly quotation?

A:  In general, 3 working days. 

Q: Will our product be tested before shipment?
A: Yes, we could provide Function Circuit Testing if you provide us the testing methods.

Q: Do you provide quick delivery service?
A: yes, we could provide quick delivery service according to your needs.

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