What are the components of PCBA?

Mar 08, 2022

Components are similar to the skeleton of a PCB, acting as its basic structure - then components are vital organs. Each has a different function. Depending on the device or electronics the PCB is designed for, different circuits will require different components. These assemblies can consist of a variety of electronic components. Some common PCB components include:

Resistor: Resistor is an electronic component with resistive properties and is one of the most widely used components in PCBA processing. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the roles of voltage divider, current shunt and current limiting in the circuit.

Capacitor: It is a component that stores electrical energy and plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC blocking and tuning in electronic circuits.

Inductive coil: Inductive coil is referred to as inductance, which has the function of storing magnetic energy. Inductance coils are usually composed of skeleton, winding, shield, magnetic core, etc.

Crystal diode: Crystal diode (ie semiconductor diode, hereinafter referred to as diode) is made of a PN junction, electrode leads and an external sealed tube, which has unidirectional conduction characteristics.

Chip: Can control everything. Although the cost of designing and developing a complex integrated circuit is very high, the cost per integrated circuit is minimized when distributed over products, often in the millions. The performance of integrated circuits is high because the small size brings short paths, enabling low-power logic circuits to be applied at fast switching speeds.

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