What is PCBA?

Oct 28, 2019

PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly, that is to say, PCB empty board, after SMT loading, or the entire manufacturing process of DIP plug-in, referred to as PCBA.

SMT (Surface Mount Technology):

The main use of the placement machine is to mount some micro-small parts on the PCB. The production process is: PCB board positioning, printing solder paste, placement machine placement, reflow oven and finished inspection. SMT is very sensitive to positioning and the size of parts during integration. In addition, the quality of solder paste and printing quality also play a key role.

DIP stands for "plug-in":

Inserting parts on the PCB board, due to the large size of the parts and not suitable for mounting SMT or the manufacturer's production process cannot use SMT technology to integrate parts in the form of plug-ins. At present, there are two implementation methods of manual plug-in and robot plug-in in the industry. The main production process is: sticking adhesive (to prevent solder paste from plating where it shouldn’t be), plug-in, inspection, wave soldering, brushing (removed in the past) Stains left in the process of the furnace) and made inspection.

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