PCBA for non-contact infrared thermometer

Wireless Intercom System PCB Assembly

NS8002 chip is used in wireless walkie-talkie PCBA, this feature of chip can provide high power and work under lower voltage(2.0V-5.5V) conditions. No need to use many components, reduce the space and production cost of circuit board at the same time.
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Wireless Intercom System PCB Assembly

First of all, in order not to affect the high-frequency characteristics, we use a multi-layer board in the production of the board map. We use a linear step-down chip in the power circuit of the wireless walkie-talkie. The chip has the function of an internal integrated overheating protection and current limiting circuit, so that the input voltage is stabilized at 5V. Then the voice power amplifier uses NS8002 power amplifier chip, 1W stereo audio amplifier. Its amplified frequency range is 20HZ≤f≤20KHz, and can amplify the power of audio signals emitted by people. At the same time, the regulator also has a small ceramic capacitor load. The regulator has the function of adjusting error detection, and can also limit the band gap voltage reference and constant current. The radio frequency module outputs the voice pin, and its voice signal is weak. It is amplified by the linear step-down chip to drive the external 8 ohm 1W speaker, and the sound effect is good. When in the receiving state, in order to prevent background noise from interfering with the audio circuit, the pins are set. The bypass capacitor is used to filter out the clutter well. The above is the composition of the entire sound collection circuit. Such a sound collection circuit can be used by inputting the output signal to the pins of the radio frequency module. After assembly, select an FM receiver and tune to a certain frequency that does not have a broadcasting station. Repeat the same steps for the unused frequency to test. When the sound can be clearly received on the receiver, the test is completed.

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Q: Can your company help me design the walkie talkie PCB customized?

A: Sure, we have engineers and designers who can help you design the custom-made items.

Q: How do you manager your walkie talkie PCB assembly costs?
A: For labor cost, production plan to improve efficiency. For the cost of materials and componenets, our purchasing manager will be negotiated with our cooperating suppliers.  For the cost of transportation , we will design the packaging method that saves space and protects the product.

Q: What is your after-sales policy about walkie talkie PCB assembly?

A: If product quality is caused by our production and assembly, we will take full responsibility , compensate for the loss of the customer or re-produce  a whole batch to the customer. If it is caused by other problems, we will bear our corresponding responsibilities

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