Automotive electronics is an important part of the overall system of automobiles. In automotive design, automotive electronics design is a complex project. Automotive electronics is the general term for vehicle electronic control devices and vehicle electronic control devices. Car body car electronic control device, including engine control system, chassis control system and body electronic control system, etc. Among them, the car body control system combines the mechanical system of the automobile with the electronic device, gives full play to the advantages of electronic products, improves the performance of the mechanical system, and the electromechanical combination guarantees safer and more stable driving of the automobile. The on-board electronic control system mainly includes multimedia systems, navigation systems, driving recorders, reversing radar and other systems, which increase the convenience and entertainment of the car, and enhance the car’s experience.

The use of PCBs in automobiles is increasing as the degree of electronics continues to deepen. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding automotive functionality and safety, and automotive electronics account for an increasing proportion of vehicle costs.

As the carrier of all electronic components, PCB is widely used in the automotive electronics industry. In the automotive electronics field, the demand for PCBs is mainly high-frequency boards, HDI boards and flexible circuit boards.

PCBs that use substrate materials with different properties are used in different areas of the vehicle and are responsible for different functions.

(1). Flexible printed circuit board is generally used in car curves and corners;

(2) PCB is usually applied to display screen (using FR4 material); (3). The combination of software and hardware is usually used in the main control parts of automobiles;

(4).HDI PCB is generally used in motherboards and entertainment systems;

(5). Metal PCB is used in automobile lights, such as indicator lights, turn signals and brake lights etc.;
The following picture shows the PCB types that are compatible with part of the vehicle equipment or instrument.

Xianglong (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the ability to manufacture almost any type of printed circuit board required for automotive applications, and can provide high-quality PCB assembly and functional testing services for domestic and foreign automotive electronic products. We also have strict ISO9001 quality management system standards and provide customers with highly reliable solutions.

No matter which types you are looking for, we are a reliable partner for automotive PCB manufacturing + parts procurement + PCB assembly + performance testing, so you can enjoy fast delivery time and clear communication. Adhere to quality as the center, all products must undergo rigorous inspection and testing before they leave the factory.

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