• PCB material composition
    March 30, 2022 PCB material composition
    The main material used to manufacture PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is very important. The properties of the material in terms of temperature resistance, adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, dielectric strength, dielectric constant and many other physical, electrical and thermal factors must be considered. The performance and level of integration of a PCB is entirely dependent on the materials used to manufacture the PCB. FR-4 is made of fiberglass, also known as FR4, the letters FR stand for "flame retardant". This substrate layer provides a solid foundation for the PCB, although the thickness will vary depending on the application of a given board. Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) is a product made of wood pulp paper or glass fiber cloth as reinforcement material, impregnated with resin, single-sided or double-sided copper-clad foil, and hot pressed. Classification criteria Material reinforcement Material PF resins (XPC, FR1, FR2) PF resins (XPC, FR1, FR2) Epoxy resin (FE-3) polyester resin Epoxy resin (FE-3) Epoxy resin (FR4, FR5) Composite Epoxy (CEM) / Laminated multi-layer base class / Special material base class BT、PI、PPO、MS flammable Fireproof UL94-VO、UL94-V1 Non-fireproof UL-94-HB CCL performance CCL with general performance / Low dielectric constant copper clad laminate / High heat resistant copper clad laminate / CCL with low thermal expansion coefficient /
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  • Supply shortages and solutions for electronic components in 2022
    March 22, 2022 Supply shortages and solutions for electronic components in 2022
    From 2020 to 2022, the supply of electronic components will be affected to some extent. The supply time of many components has begun to lengthen, and some cannot even be purchased, especially the supply of chips, and even the price of chips in the spot market has even appeared at one price per day. We need to choose the right supply partner and plan ahead. We generally want to choose the right partner to reduce these risks. An excellent partner needs to analyze risky materials according to market changes and specific projects of end customers, and provide customers with suggestions on how to deal with material supply risks, such as the price increase and delivery of materials such as chips, crystal oscillators, and LCDs this year. Goods are tight. If it is a long-term cooperative customer: Regular stocking when we know supply risks are starting to appear in the market: Based on customer orders and forecasts, customers are regularly provided with risk BOMs and suggested stockpiling lists. With the consent of the client, prepare materials individually or on a regular basis, make plans in advance, and avoid risks. To ensure that customers can ship normally.
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  • What are the components of PCBA?
    March 08, 2022 What are the components of PCBA?
    Components are similar to the skeleton of a PCB, acting as its basic structure - then components are vital organs. Each has a different function. Depending on the device or electronics the PCB is designed for, different circuits will require different components. These assemblies can consist of a variety of electronic components. Some common PCB components include: Resistor: Resistor is an electronic component with resistive properties and is one of the most widely used components in PCBA processing. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the roles of voltage divider, current shunt and current limiting in the circuit. Capacitor: It is a component that stores electrical energy and plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC blocking and tuning in electronic circuits. Inductive coil: Inductive coil is referred to as inductance, which has the function of storing magnetic energy. Inductance coils are usually composed of skeleton, winding, shield, magnetic core, etc. Crystal diode: Crystal diode (ie semiconductor diode, hereinafter referred to as diode) is made of a PN junction, electrode leads and an external sealed tube, which has unidirectional conduction characteristics. Chip: Can control everything. Although the cost of designing and developing a complex integrated circuit is very high, the cost per integrated circuit is minimized when distributed over products, often in the millions. The performance of integrated circuits is high because the small size brings short paths, enabling low-power logic circuits to be applied at fast switching speeds.
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  • Latest product air fryer PCBA
    January 19, 2022 Latest product air fryer PCBA
    With the publicity of the Internet, the hazards of fried food have penetrated into human resources, such as trans fatty acids, leavening agents and pigments, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver, inhibition of infant growth and development, carcinogens, etc. seriously affect human health. Then there is a product called an air fryer, which uses high-speed air circulation technology to make 80% more delicious French fries than traditional electric fryers! The unique combination of circulating hot air and oven components allows you to fry a variety of delicious foods, snacks, seafood and more quickly and easily. Because frying only uses air, it produces less odor and steam than traditional frying, and is easy to clean for everyday use, safe and economical! What are the benefits of this product? 1. Less oil The air fryer uses the principle of high-speed circulation of air to turn the air into "oil", quickly heats the crispy food, and makes delicious food similar to frying. Foods like meat, seafood, and marinated fries make great tasting, delicious meals without the need for oil. If the food itself does not contain oil, such as fresh vegetables and French fries, add a tablespoon of oil for a traditional frying flavor. 2. The air fryer is easy to clean. Allow the air fryer to cool down before cleaning it. Removable drawer food basket and fryer with non-stick coating. Do not use metal cookware or cleaning tools to avoid damaging the air fryer's non-stick coating. 3. The air fryer does not need oil to fry food like traditional fried food, the oil of the food itself will fall into the fryer, which can reduce the oil by up to 80%. The less you eat, the healthier your body will be. 4. The air fryer has a thermostat of up to 200 degrees. It is necessary to set the time to avoid the situation that traditional frying can cause the food to scorch or even catch fire due to the high temperature of the oil. 5. The air fryer does not need to wait for a long time when cooking food, and different time can be set according to different food. You don't have to watch it all the time, it will automatically remind you at a certain time.
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  • How to reduce high-speed PCB crosstalk?
    November 27, 2021 How to reduce high-speed PCB crosstalk?
    The influence of crosstalk in PCBs has always existed, especially in some high-speed and high-density PCBs. So how should we reduce crosstalk? The most basic thing is to make the coupling between the interfering network and the interfered network smaller, so it is almost impossible to completely avoid it in the design. When designing, we can only consider that it will not affect its performance, and choose the appropriate method to minimize it. Mainly consider from the following aspects: 1. Maximize the distance between transmission lines when wiring; or reduce the parallel length between adjacent transmission lines as much as possible, and try to run between different layers. 2. Because the wiring directions of two adjacent signal layers are vertical, try to avoid parallel wiring and reduce crosstalk between layers. 3. Under the condition of ensuring signal timing, try to choose devices with low conversion speed as much as possible to slow down the rate of change of electric and magnetic fields, thereby reducing crosstalk. 4. Since the surface layer has only one reference plane, the electric field coupling of the surface layer wiring is stronger than that of the middle layer, so the signal lines sensitive to crosstalk should be distributed in the inner layer as much as possible.
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  • Importance of PCB in technology development
    November 19, 2021 Importance of PCB in technology development
    PCB is an indispensable pillar in electronic products. Nowadays, electronic equipment requires high performance, high speed, and thinness. As an indispensable part of electronic products, it is also the most critical technology for high-end electronic equipment. Including rigidity, flexibility, rigidity and flexibility, as well as multi-layer boards and module substrates for integrated circuit packaging substrates, they have made great contributions to high-end electronic equipment. Printed circuit boards play an important role in the electronics industry. The importance of PCB cannot be underestimated. Looking around the room you are in, you may find many printed circuit boards. When you walk in a crowd, everyone has an electronic device with multiple circuit boards. Such as smart phones and smart watches. These products have improved society and life. At the same time, when developing new electronic products and putting them on the market, the design needs to be built on the PCB. The circuit board and its components form the backbone of the electronic system. The printed circuit board is also very powerful and requires careful design to ensure functional safety. The specific design of products with embedded computing functions or wireless functions requires unique design practices to ensure the correct transmission of data and signals on the entire printed circuit board. Today, many consumer products need to meet these requirements. Consumer devices are packing more digital and analog components into smaller packages with multiple functions. The need to achieve these is inseparable from our PCB.
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  • How to adjust AOI equipment?
    November 04, 2021 How to adjust AOI equipment?
    The PCB AOI equipment can be "adjusted" according to the needs of the assembled circuit board. For example, replacement parts may be marked as defective because their markings and shapes do not meet the standard. However, AOI equipment can be adjusted and programmed to accept specific replacement parts, which will not be marked on the following printed circuit boards. This is the procedure is manually adjusted, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. The unacceptable part of the test will be fed back to our operators. AOI equipment can also adjust some unacceptable problems into the program, and capture defects that were previously difficult to find through visual inspection. Manual inspection requires technicians to check every part, mark and solder joint on the circuit board, which may involve thousands of details of a complex circuit board. With so many details to check, it is easy to understand why imperfections are missed. AOI equipment can quickly check the qualified and unqualified positions after adjusting the programming.
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  • Why use automatic optical inspection assembly
    October 22, 2021 Why use automatic optical inspection assembly
    Automatic optical inspection equipment is already a must in every electronic factory, and it is constantly being enhanced and updated to improve its capabilities. This inspection equipment is used in many industries, including printed circuit board manufacturing, bare board inspection, solder paste printing, and assembly. For PCB assembly, the AOI system will check the placement and soldering of the components, and feedback potential problems in the test to our operators. From wrong parts to bad welded connections. The automatic optical inspection (AOI) system will check your PCBA. The system can quickly evaluate thousands of details that cannot be captured by the naked eye, and feedback any detected problems to the operator. AOI PCB inspection equipment relies on high-resolution camera systems and different lighting sources, such as fluorescent, LED, ultraviolet, and infrared, to capture a series of images. These images are processed by the system, which is programmed to inspect different details of the assembled board. The AOI system will scan each assembly board and compare these images with the images of the standard board stored in the file. When it finds inconsistencies with the standard board, it will mark these areas as possible defects so that technicians can inspect them in more detail. This will better ensure product quality.
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