Supply shortages and solutions for electronic components in 2022

Mar 22, 2022

From 2020 to 2022, the supply of electronic components will be affected to some extent. The supply time of many components has begun to lengthen, and some cannot even be purchased, especially the supply of chips, and even the price of chips in the spot market has even appeared at one price per day. We need to choose the right supply partner and plan ahead.

We generally want to choose the right partner to reduce these risks. An excellent partner needs to analyze risky materials according to market changes and specific projects of end customers, and provide customers with suggestions on how to deal with material supply risks, such as the price increase and delivery of materials such as chips, crystal oscillators, and LCDs this year. Goods are tight. If it is a long-term cooperative customer:

Regular stocking when we know supply risks are starting to appear in the market: Based on customer orders and forecasts, customers are regularly provided with risk BOMs and suggested stockpiling lists. With the consent of the client, prepare materials individually or on a regular basis, make plans in advance, and avoid risks. To ensure that customers can ship normally.

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