Technology changes life, communication technology, Internet technology and Internet of Things technology continue to develop and are widely used in people's lives. People's requirements for living standards are constantly improving, and the field of smart home is constantly developing rapidly.

Smart homes connect various devices in the home (such as audio and video equipment, lighting systems, air conditioning control, security systems, digital cinema systems, audio and video servers, video cabinet systems, network appliances, etc.) through the Internet of Things technology to provide home appliance control, Various functions and methods such as lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding and programmable timing control. These methods are all to coordinate the work of smart home appliances, reduce power consumption, provide people with a more comfortable living environment, and improve people's quality of life. This also means that the demand for PCBs in smart homes is constantly growing.

In the field of smart home, smart home appliances require higher computing requirements. They are equipped with Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth modules and are connected to our mobile phones, watches or some special terminals through the network/local area network. There are sensors on the PCB, and some unattended operations are performed. The program, perceives a certain condition for some feedback, requires the PCB to have high-frequency and high-speed functions, high efficiency, safety, and compact characteristics. This means that the demand for HDI PCB and advanced soft-hard combination PCB boards in the intelligent field is constantly increasing. Before making a smart home PCB, you need to understand the specific role and performance parameters of each smart product, understand the knowledge of integrated wiring, and be familiar with the principle of wireless communication. We have focused on manufacturing smart home PCBA for more than 10 years. We are confident to make every smart home PCBA product, we are your best supplier and partner.

Please call +86 0755 3669 7296. Contact us or email us info@xlpcba.com, we can meet your PCBA requirements for smart homes.

  • Air Fryer PCBA Manufacturer
    Air Fryer PCBA Manufacturer
    Air Fryer PCBA Manufacturer
    Air Fryer PCBA Manufacturer Xianglong Electronics focuses on PCBA development solutions for smart homes, deeply cultivates core technologies, and supports customized development to meet the diversified needs of the small household appliance consumer market. After years of in-depth research, we have launched air fryer program design, dedicated to serving major domestic and foreign brands, foreign trade merchants and cross-border e-commerce; at the same time, we can also provide industry customers with the highest quality program design services. To meet the needs of different customers, we can provide R&D, design and production of PCBA. Advantages of the air fryer solution launched by Xianglong: 1. Precise time control and temperature control The precise control system defines food: high temperature and tender roasting, good color and taste; crispy outside and tender inside, juicy taste; fragrant but not dry, strong but not woody, smooth and moist, and long aftertaste. 2. Multi-speed operation mode, which can meet the cooking requirements of different foods We can meet the different requirements of different customers, and we can meet 600 recipes for you to choose. 3. Simulate customer requirements to achieve multi-purpose use of one machine It can realize frying, frying, baking, roasting, and can be compatible with the functions of mini oven, fryer, frying pan, toaster, sandwich maker, egg cooker, and defrosting box. A pot in hand, there are many. 4. Multi-level voltage design It can realize the selection of different models under multiple voltages, and can also customize the solution, which can be realized from 85-264VAC. 5. Reliability Our solution design has undergone strict reliability verification: vibration, drop, gravity shock, high temperature and high humidity, cold and heat cycle and high acceleration stress, double eighty-five, salt spray, EMI. 6. Process control Our production has undergone strict quality control and process control to ensure the quality assurance of each PCBA. Each process is checked by quality personnel, and advanced production equipment is used to ensure the consistency and reliability of processing. Automated testing equipment ensures that all products are screened before shipment.  

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