• How can the quality of the PCB be seen at a glance? Mar 22 , 2022
    When we get a PCB board, how do we initially determine its quality? One: Look at the ink of the PCB. 1. A good board factory will definitely choose a big brand ink, and at the same time pay more attention to the process and baking of the printing ink, so that the gloss of the ink will be better. Many board factories with quality requirements attach great importance to the choice of color. In the e...
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  • PCB material composition Mar 09 , 2022
    The main material used to manufacture PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is very important. The properties of the material in terms of temperature resistance, adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, dielectric strength, dielectric constant and many other physical, electrical and thermal factors must be considered. The performance and level of integration of a PCB is entirely dependent on the materials u...
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  • Flexible Printed Circuit Manufactur Feb 26 , 2022
    Whether you are looking for custom flexible printed circuit boards, new product launches and flexible PCB prototyping needs, or looking for a mass production operation that specializes in rapid turnaround PCB design, prototyping and production assembly. With state-of-the-art equipment, we provide you with the highest quality circuit boards you can trust. Has an experienced team of flexible printed...
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  • Flex PCB Design Feb 17 , 2022
    Flexible PCB design requires a slightly different approach than rigid PCBs. While flexible PCBs can offer significant manufacturing cost savings, reduced space consumption, and reduced weight compared to rigid, their designs must be optimized for their materials and use cases. Using Cadence's suite of design and analysis tools in flex pcb design certainly provides any flex PCB prototype you may ne...
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  • pcb manufacturing flow chart Dec 27 , 2021
    1. Cutting Process: large sheet → cutting board according to MI requirements → edging → unloading 2. Drilling Process: stacked board pin → upper board → drilling → lower board → inspection 3. sink copper Process: rough grinding → hanging board → automatic copper sinking line → lower board → dip 1% dilute H2SO4 → thickened copper 4. graphics transfer Process: (blue oil process): grinding plate...
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  • Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) vs Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Dec 25 , 2021
    Circuit boards play an important role in the functions of countless electronic products. They have conductive paths and various electronic components, which are the basis of electronic work. From smartphones and tablets to calculators and electronic watches, you can find circuit boards in most electronic products. However, there are different types of circuit boards, including printed circuit boar...
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  • PCB design and manufacturing attention points Dec 11 , 2021
    For your PCB to be of good quality, we must not make any mistakes in the design. During this process, we need to constantly check our PCB and constantly perform functional tests on the PCBA. If you want your PCB to work normally, You must go through constant testing to meet those needs. Now more than ever, it is more important to make the right choice in the design phase, so we need to pay attenti...
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  • Does flux not clean harm to PCBA? Nov 27 , 2021
    When the residue remains on the PCBA, it is easy to cause the adsorption and condensation of moisture and dust, and may also cause poor contact in the ICT test, which affects the accuracy of the test result. Under high temperature conditions, the flux residue may be rearranged directly. Cause a short circuit or leakage. For high-frequency and high-speed circuits, even if the circuit is normal, the...
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  • What are the IPC criteria? Nov 19 , 2021
    IPC stands for "Printed Circuit Research Institute" and belongs to the electronic interconnection industry. IPC officially provides PCB-related standards and is now also known as the association of the connected electronics industry. IPC is an international industry composed of more than 4000 companies, involving the use, designation and design of printed circuit boards and components, including a...
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