The computer industry is one of the most important industries leading to technological progress in the 20th and 21st centuries. Computers are closely related to people’s lives and work. They not only improve people’s lives, get richer information, transmit information more conveniently and quickly, and obtain more reliable, transparent and open information, which brings people’s lives and social interactions closer, and makes games and The VR industry is developing rapidly. The development of information technology has also promoted the development of computers, such as mobile payment and electronic reading. Changes people's production methods, such as production automation. The exploration of the ocean and space has made great contributions, which has enabled human beings to have more knowledge beyond our earth.

The printed circuit board (PCB) is the foundation of the industry, and the PCB plays an important role in maintaining and connecting all the components and semiconductor devices required for computing tasks.

Related to computer PCBA and peripheral products:

Motherboard PCBA, graphics processor PCBA, memory PCBA, power supply PCBA, mouse PCBA and keyboard PCBA, monitor PCBA, printer PCBA, scanner PCBA, paper shredder PCBA, projector PCBA, video phone PCBA, server PCBA, switch PCBA, Router PCBA and UPSPCBA, notebook PC PCBA, tablet PC PCBA, etc.

For the computer PCBA used in some industrial environments, the material is cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, high-voltage resistant, impedance and structural design shockproof, circuit stable, low power consumption, multiple interfaces, and high power and more strict requirements. The components used are military specifications and space grade. Before appraisal of such PCBAs, vibration and shock tests, high temperature and high voltage tests, and electrical tests are required.

For example, the detection, control, analysis, manufacturing, and high-speed calculation and management of huge information in the industrial production process.

We have a static-free working environment, chemical-free PCB assembly, online and functional testing production line, a plated through hole (PTH) line, X-ray and automatic optical inspection, a surface mount technology (SMT) production line, manual and semi-automatic assembly functions. Consumers demand thinner, smaller, faster, lighter, more fashionable, and more powerful functions for such products. The size of the PCBA produced is getting smaller and smaller, the complex multi-layer, the amount of data contained is increasing, and the flexible circuit board is combined, the sensor is integrated, and the change of monitoring data is collected. We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system to control the production process and improve customer satisfaction. We provide PCB design and reverse engineering, manufacturing, assembly and IC programming of computers and peripheral products, in-circuit testing and functional testing services.

If you want to know more about our PCB manufacturing and assembly services for the computer and computer peripherals industry, please call +86 0755 3669 7296. You can also email your specifications to info@xlszdzpcb.com

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