PCB is an indispensable part of electronic equipment and occupies a more important position in various industries. Medical equipment PCBA is no exception. The development and innovation of PCB technology has transformed complex machines into user-friendly equipment. People’s health awareness is constantly improving. More and more people are beginning to pay attention to health and actively purchase some Benefits of electronic medical wear products to improve the health of themselves, their families and those around them. The equipment in the hospital can also better help diagnose and treat diseases.

Medical electronic products are developing in the direction of precision, multi-function integration, and more intelligence. At the same time, a PCB of the same size is required to accommodate more electronic components, or to reduce the size to achieve the same function. The PCB produced must meet strict hygiene and quality control standards, and the design software solution needs to ensure that the location of each PCB component reaches the maximum efficiency and quality assurance. When the PCB prototype is manufactured, we will proceed with PCB assembly, placing and setting the electronic components on the surface of the printed circuit board. We call it surface mount technology, which can create higher connection density and increasingly complex circuit systems for precision medical devices in smaller components. After the PCB assembly is completed, we will conduct strict inspections. Our PCB assembly implements the IPC-A-610 standard and we have ISO 9001 certification. Our company's investment in high-quality production equipment is also large, which allows us to process orders faster without affecting quality control.

Medical equipment PCBs usually have circular and rectangular shapes. The materials need to comply with RoHS standards, stable performance, and high-speed digital conversion. Most high-end medical equipment use Rogers and HDI PCBs. For some special environments, TG materials are also selected. Ordinary will choose FR4. For PCB components with special shapes, we will propose design and customized packaging solutions for customers' reference. Better packaging is to protect the damage caused during transportation and affect delivery time and quality.

We have served many brand customers, but we don't think we are powerful, but the customer just needs it, we are just professional, most of the solutions are after in-depth discussion with the customer, we came up with the customer together. Xianglong (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is grateful to these customers who trust us for giving us the opportunity to grow. For each PCBA case, the past experience is worth learning and reference, but we will still treat each customer's PCBA case rigorously.

Our job is to efficiently do every PCBA within the acceptable cost range. Our responsibility is to ensure that each PCBA reaches the customer in time and safely.

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