Custom Flexible PCB Board Manufacturers

The PET film button board is widely used in the fields of mobile phone remote control, multimedia and other electronic products. It acts as a flexible switch.

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Custom Flexible PCB Board Manufacturers

The film button is generally made of transparent insulating materials such as PET,which plays an important role of switching between the user and the instrument. The FPC button is a conductive part on the board. When the button is subjected to external pressure, the center of the contact is concave and contacts the circuit of the FPC, and the product can operate normally. Features and functions of the FPC key board: It can realize the electrical connection of various components in the circuit, replace the complicated wiring, reduce the wiring workload in the traditional way, and simplify the assembly, welding and debugging of electronic products. It can reduce components and save costs. The FPC button is used more than 100,000 times and has a longer service life.


Q: Why choose us?

A: Xianglong(shenzhen)electronic technology co., LTD, We are a professional and reliable FPC manufacturer. Small MOQ for start. Free sample available! We sincerely invite you to cooperate for win-win result.

Q: Can I get the FREE Flexible PCB sample?

A: For simple Flexible PCB sample, we can give it to you. If you are our VIP customer, it definitely works. 

Q: Do you have an order minimum for Flexible PCB?

A: Sample order 1pcs.

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