Mechanical Keyboard Circuit Board Assembly

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Mechanical Keyboard circuit board assembly

60% mechanical keyboard PCBA

Customers told us that they only need 60% mechanical keyboard without shell and key, need to have RGB function, reserve the position of LED light on PCB, waterproof and dustproof, support USB-C, and use anti-static bag for packaging. They also sell mechanical keyboard PCB with components directly to their customers , It is convenient for their customers to DIY. Is the first choice for gamer.

PCB layers

2 Layers



Thickness of copper


Size of PCB


Thickness of PCB


Color of solder mask


Treatment Surface









Antistatic bag

After communicating with the customer, the engineer chose the STM32F4 chip, which has a more advanced core, better scalability, a maximum operating frequency of 168Mhz, faster access speed, and low power consumption (about 200uA/MHz). We use PCB Nano-coating technology on the PCB during production, which can prevent water from causing short circuits on the keyboard PCB after water intrusion, or prevent liquids such as beverages, milk and other liquids from corroding the PCB circuit board, prevent the growth of mold, and have good appearance and good heat dissipation.

After completing the SMT and dip of the mechanical keyboard, the customer sent us the program they designed. Before shipment, we helped the customer do several sets of functional tests. After successful completion of the test, the mechanical keypad PCBA detected will be loaded into the anti-static bag, affixed with customer logo, and placed in the ordered foam cotton and carton to arrange booking for the customer.

Q: Besides producing mechanical keyboard PCB, can you produce plastic film keyboard PCB or contactless electrostatic capacitance keyboard PCB?
A: Sure, please provide your ideas or some design files to us. We will give acceptable solutions for your choice.

Q: Is the circuit board producing process of high-grade and low-grade mechanical keyboard very different?
A: In general, the manufacturing process is similar. But the materials and chips used are different.

Q: Do you sell mechanical switchs?
A: If you have this requirement, you can tell us in your inquiry. We will help you purchase.

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