PCBA for non-contact infrared thermometer
  • 5G Market Prospects Jul 02 , 2020
    With the upgrading of communication technology, upgrading from 4G to 5G, 5G related core antenna/radio frequency equipment. The demand for 5G antenna modules is increasing. The speed, integration, heat dissipation, frequency, and multi-layering of 5G have far surpassed that of 4G. The speed of 5G not only improves the wireless data transmission between devices, but also strengthens the development...
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  •  For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service For You Customized PCBA Assembly Service Mar 19 , 2021
    Nowadays, more and more customers will give priority to whether they can provide a complete PCBA service when choosing the products they need. For the electronics industry PCBA assembly service means that manufacturers provide electronic component procurement, PCB procurement, and SMT, DIP, AI plug-in processing and PCBA testing services. Customers only need to provide complete information (Gerber...
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  • PCBA Production Process Introduction: PCBA Production Process Introduction: Apr 01 , 2021
    The bare PCB is assembled on the printed circuit board with various electronic components through SMT, and then the PCBA is formed by DIP plug-in. The PCBA production process can be divided into 4 large processes: SMT patch processing → DIP plug-in processing → PCBA test → finished product assembly . PCBA SMT flow chart: 1. SMT patch processing link According to the customer's ...
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  • What is ICT and FCT in PCB assembly test? What is ICT and FCT in PCB assembly test? Apr 08 , 2021
    Before the PCB assembly product is delivered to the customer, it must be rigorously tested. PCB assembly testing is the key to ensuring the quality of shipments. Customers will provide a test plan for us,there are including test points, procedures and test steps. In PCB assembly testing, FCT functional testing and ICT electrical component testing are th...
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