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What is ICT and FCT in PCB assembly test?

April 08 , 2021

Before the PCB assembly product is delivered to the customer, it must be rigorously tested. PCB assembly testing is the key to ensuring the quality of shipments. Customers will provide a test plan for us,there are including test points, procedures and test steps. In PCB assembly testing, FCT functional testing and ICT electrical component testing are the most common.

ICT test

The ICT test of the PCB assembly is mainly through the test probe contacting the test point on the PCB board(with components), which can detect the short circuit, the open circuit and the component welding and other fault problems. ICT is characterized by fast, accurate, high-tempo, and the test can be completed in about 3 to 5 seconds. It is controlled by a computer program to accurately measure, reduce the risk of misjudgment and missed measurement, and reduce the troubles of the production line. ICT can know which part or which circuit is connected through a computer program to facilitate maintenance, speed up the production process, reduce time costs, and improve product quality.

FCT test

In PCB assembly, FCT function test is a test tool, which is divided into two parts, one is the main part and the other is the test fixture part. The main part includes a computer system and a signal sampling system. The PCB board(with components) is mainly placed on the test rack, and the test points on the PCB board(with components)  is captured by the test fixture, so as to provide a simulation operating environment such as excitation and load through the PCB board(with components) . The board's various status parameters can be obtained through the FCT function tester to detect the board Whether the functional parameters meet the design requirements, the test fixture part has a fixed size, and the positioning holes are made according to different target test boards. To test different PCB board(with components) , you only need to change the test fixture, and then call up the corresponding test program on the computer. FCT function test items mainly include voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, duty cycle, brightness and color, character recognition, voice recognition, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, motion control, FLASH and EEPROM burning, etc. The testing process is all done automatically by the computer. Both efficiency and pass rate are guaranteed.

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