5G Market Prospects

July 02 , 2020

With the upgrading of communication technology, upgrading from 4G to 5G, 5G related core antenna/radio frequency equipment. The demand for 5G antenna modules is increasing. The speed, integration, heat dissipation, frequency, and multi-layering of 5G have far surpassed that of 4G. The speed of 5G not only improves the wireless data transmission between devices, but also strengthens the development of the Internet of Things network layer. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data make the Internet of Things information processing layer technology more powerful, and it also helps the Internet of Things to be used for Industrial production. 5G also promotes the development of smart homes, automobiles and other fields.

The production of 5g product pcb is determined by "process + material". 5g high-frequency and high-speed signals have very high requirements for pcb performance. Products manufactured according to conventional processes often fail to meet the high-frequency and high-speed requirements of 5g. In order to meet its special performance, special attention needs to be paid to the production of holes, line accuracy and copper thickness uniformity. Therefore, the PCB process determines the final performance of the product. The antenna module for 5G signal reception and transmission is particularly important. Its transmitting end and receiving end use transmitting antenna and receiving antenna respectively. The signal is transmitted and received through the antenna. The frequency range of 5G is divided into high, medium and low, and low frequency 5G, with slow propagation speed and long propagation distance, suitable for TV transmission; mid-frequency band, working frequency 1-10GHz, transmission distance is slightly shorter than low frequency band, but the channel is wider. Suitable for cellular phones and wifi devices; high frequency band, working frequency 20-100GHz, fast speed, transmission distance only 240 meters. The speed here is only relative. The human response time is about 0.2 to 0.3 seconds, and the human reaction time for complex selective reactions is about 1 to 3 seconds. The time delay of a 4G network is 10m seconds, but in a 5G network, it only takes 1ms, or 0.001 seconds. So we can realize the Internet of Everything.

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