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PCBA DIP Production Process Introduction

April 29 , 2021

DIP plug-in processing link

The process flow of DIP plug-in processing can generally be divided into:
component forming processing plug-in wave soldering component cutting foot repair welding (post welding) washing board function test

DIP production management personnel collect materials from the material manager in the DIP warehouse according to the BOM material list, carefully check the material model and specifications, and sign after confirming that they are correct. The production and processing are carried out according to the model. The automatic bulk capacitor cutting machine, the automatic transistor forming machine, Automatic belt molding machine and other molding equipment for processing.

Insert the processed components into the corresponding positions on the PCB board. For the inserted components, the QC department will check whether the components are inserted incorrectly or missing. If there is no problem, they will be inserted. The PCBA of the good plug-in is put into the wave soldering conveyor belt, and the wave soldering machine is used for all-round automatic soldering treatment to secure the components. The PCBA board after the soldering is cut to reach the appropriate size, and then the soldered product is observed by naked eyes. Whether the PCB board is welded well, the finished PCBA board that is not completely welded should be repaired, repaired, and returned to the QC department for testing. After the components are welded, the finished PCBA board should be tested for function to test whether each function is normal. If a functional defect is found, the engineer needs to analyze the cause, repair it, and give a reasonable solution.

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