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How to prevent static electricity during SMT processing

May 21 , 2021

As we all know, during the patch processing of the components on the PCB, the static electricity generated from various aspects can change the characteristics of the components, causing the components to experience unstable performance or even damage.This is a problem caused by not taking correct anti-static measures. In order to avoid this problem, anti-static needs to make the following points:

1. The floor of the SMT workshop must be treated with anti-static treatment, and then coated with a layer of floor wax for protection. However, after different degrees of wear and tear over time, many factories will ignore the later maintenance and the electrostatic protection is not as effective as before, which leads to static electricity.

2. Make an anti-static connection at each work position, such as placing an anti-static table mat on the workbench, and note that there should be no plastic bags and other materials that are prone to static electricity near the workbench. Anti-static labels are attached to the station to remind you of static protection.

3. Employees must wear anti-static clothes, electrostatic shoes and electrostatic caps, etc., and all workers in the workshop must wear electrostatic rings.

4.All work signs and fixtures that touch the base plate are made of anti-static materials, and various work plates are equipped with grounding chains.

5.The entire tin furnace is grounded independently. At the same time, the internal parts of the tin furnace should be well grounded. Each machine should also be connected to the ground at the same point as the power grounding wire.

6. Ion blower should be installed in the workshop to be well grounded and to confirm its coverage, because it can use the charged ions in the air to neutralize the electrostatic charge on the surface of the object.

7. Anti-static boxes and anti-static bags are used for packaging to effectively protect the product from being affected.

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