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How to inspect PCBA incoming materials?

Mar 25, 2021

The empty PCB board assembles various electronic components on the circuit board through SMT, and then forms PCBA through DIP plug-in. Among them, the incoming components are in the SMT inspection process. We need to check whether the labels and model specifications of the incoming materials are consistent. Use a magnifying glass to check whether the physical model specifications and silk-screen logos are consistent. Check the structure and shape after the model and silk-screen are no problem. It is consistent with the drawings and samples in the acknowledgment. Refer to the drawings and use a vernier to measure the size of the chip capacitors to meet the requirements. We need to use a digital bridge (LCR METER) tester to select DCR for testing. The capacity should be within the required range when measuring the capacity, and the loss value should be recorded while measuring the capacity, and the value should be within the required range.

After passing the above inspections, the chip capacitors can be placed in the machine for placement, the components are soldered on the PCB board through the placement machine (SMT), manual welding (DIP, AI) and other equipment methods. A wide variety of chip capacitors is just one of them. It is a component that can store charges, and the same component has different dielectric specifications, and different specifications have different characteristics and uses. There are also diodes, tertiary tubes, and stickers. Chip resistors, various IC chips, relays, transformers, etc., they play their due role on the PCBA. If you want to know more about the detailed inspection standards of PCBA components, please call us: +86 0755 2322 6243 EXT 801. info@xlpcba.com+86 0755-2322 6243 EXT

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