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The antenna is an important part of the Bluetooth earphone PCB. The PCB has through and metalized vias, and the walls of the vias form a conductive layer; the antenna conductor is etched on the upper antenna conductor of the copper foil on the top of the PCB and under the copper foil on the bottom of the PCB The antenna conductor, the antenna's radiation intensity and radiation efficiency are in the optimal state, which can effectively realize the reliability and stability of the Bluetooth headset product.

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Bluetooth Earphones Rigid Flexible PCB Manufacturer

But with the extremely small PCB structure and a single copper foil layer, it is impossible to achieve the Bluetooth antenna. The required length, also, is limited to the factors of the Bluetooth headset product structure. The positive and negative pads of the charging power supply of the Bluetooth headset battery and the positive and negative poles of the charging power supply must exist near the PCB on-board antenna conductor.  And near the PCB antenna onboard antenna, any item with conductor characteristics will seriously affect the antenna's radiation directivity and antenna's radiation efficiency, resulting in the production yield of Bluetooth headsets in the production process and the reliability of Bluetooth headset products Sex and stability.


Q: Which type of PCBs do you manufacturing?

A: We are specialized in producing Ceramic PCB, Ceramic PCB, flexible circuit board, metal PCB(Aluminium PCB/copper PCB), Rogers PCB and Rigid-flexible PCB etc.

Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Welcome to visit our factory. It takes 0.8h from Shenzhen airport to our factory. 

Q: What services can you provide?

A: 1.Whenever, we are pleased to get your any inquiry about Bluetooth Earphones PCB and reply you within 8 hours.
    2.Ensure that the products meet our agreed quality standards and delivery it on time.
    3.Accept small quantity order and offer competitive price.
    4.OEM/ODM, PCB design, PCB layout, PCB prototype,PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and     revenue engineers.
    5.Friendly after-sale service.We will make sure to give you a satisfactory solution.

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