Smoke Detector Acousto-Optic Alarm Circuit Board Assembly

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Smoke Detector Acousto-Optic Alarm Circuit Board Assembly


This smoke alarm is composed of MQ-2 smoke sensor, DS18B20 temperature sensor, ADC0832 digital-to-analog converter, STC89C51 single-chip core processing chip, button circuit, LED display circuit, buzzer, etc. The alarm method is sound and light alarm.

In order to meet the safety requirements of flammable and explosive smoke in homes, factories and entertainment venues, this PCBA design has the functions of displaying alarm status and fault self-checking. When the alarm fails, the buzzer will alarm once every 40 seconds. , The led light will flash twice every second. In order to facilitate the operation, this smoke alarm PCBA is equipped with 4 buttons. From the left, the first button is the emergency alarm button, the second and third are the minus button and the plus button, and the fourth is the setting button ( The smoke concentration and high temperature alarm value can be set, and there will be data storage function when power off). Its working principle is that the gas sensor and temperature sensor detect the smoke concentration and high temperature in the air, and the smoke value detected by the smoke sensor is converted into a voltage value through a digital-to-analog converter and passed to the core processing chip for data processing. Display the current temperature and smoke density, when the displayed smoke density and temperature exceed the set value, it will alarm through the buzzer and led.



PCB board thickness


Copper thickness




Quiescent Current


Alarm current


Operating temperature


Alarm sound intensity


Sensitivity level


Sensitivity level

Audible alarm

Q: What do Xianglong(Shenzhen) electronic technology company do?
A: Xianglong(Shenzhen) electronic technology company have been operating on the PCB industry since 2010 . Thanks to the professional experience of the company's founders, we have built extensive domestic and foreign business ties. 

Q: What is your advantage for smoke detector PCB assembly?
A: We offer comprehensive services in the production and assembly of smoke detector PCB, including smoke detector functional tests. We are able to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers, even in small production runs, which sets us apart from many competitors.

Q: And how about the quality of smoke detector PCB assembly?
A: A high quality of service quality is the only way to retain your customers. Therefore, our company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001 , which guarantees an increase in management efficiency, improved organization and especially the quality of production and thus satisfying the needs of our customers.

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